“A Future To Build On”

Emque creates a custom fully integrated suite of applications employing best practices for the commercial construction industry. Perfect Project, our comprehensive Project Management software, created for the Commercial Construction Industry, highlights its seamless integration into Office automation suite.
Perfect Project makes financial analysis of your business operations a breeze, helping you know when you are profitable and empowering you to make better financial decisions.  

A special custom Local 3 Payroll reporting sub-system may be integrated if desired and at a considerable cost-savings over Payroll Preparation Services.

We currently have many online tutorials available to our clients directly through the system. Additional video tutorials are being produced and they will be available as soon as they are completed. Just look for the “film reel” on the toolbar within the system.

Emque also provides onsite and classroom training programs, where we learn how your staff operates. Emque will then teach your staff how to get the most out of Perfect Project to improve efficiency and productivity.

Demonstrations are now available via web conferencing.