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"The Art of Making The Complicated Simple"


Emque was founded in 1978 to design and develop systems that seamlessly integrate into your work environment. We have perfected the process to create a variety of business-related software using our field proven approach of solid accounting procedures with "in the trenches" business experience. Our approach is simple, we work personally with our clients to better understand industry problems and, as a result, have designed software that functions successfully within our client's businesses. In addition, we offer the ability for companies to invest in infrastructure that keeps pace with their current needs and grows as it is needed. We create stable software that operates faultlessly while looking good and increases productivity. Our systems and procedures are easy to understand, well documented, and very easy to use and learn.


While constantly watching the emerging technologies in computer architecture and software development tools, we are always poised to catch the next wave as it develops while staying in touch with the current ones. Over thirty years later, we are still meeting our goals and producing effective software that is powerful, precise, and simple to operate. To achieve this result, we develop an intimate knowledge of your operational processes, add our experience with best practices, and then apply appropriate technologies to improve your operations and consequently, your bottom line. Emque’s Perfect Project software offers solutions to many of the challenges in today’s construction industry. Our software creates solutions which increase efficiency in ordering materials and equipment needed for the project, as well as effectively scheduling labor.  In addition, we provide project managers with the ability to keep track of job completion and for owners to efficiently monitor profit margins. EMQUE's Perfect Project Software has the solutions to these common problems as well as many more.


There is an art to solving complicated problems with concise logic. When this art is applied to systems, the result is more robust solutions. The advantage of using a single software product across the organization is twofold. The first is economic. In addition, efficiency increases tremendously. The cost of maintenance is dramatically reduced because there is a single package to purchase and a single system to maintain.

Similarly, updates are done as a single unit, bringing both time and expense to a minimum.

At Emque, we approach even the most complex set of problems with crystal-clear vision and simplified design. To us, making the complicated simple is even more than art, it is a way of life. Cross-training is simplified, software is identical from one module to another so only new content must be taught. Training costs are reduced and proficiency will occur more quickly. When assistance is needed there is one help desk to call for support and one system to troubleshoot, therefore, downtime is decreased.



"Systems To Build On"